Home to a parcel of sunshine…….

You may have noticed that I’ve been very quiet for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately sewing is not my profession, I actually work in software development. For the last week I have been working 24/7 on the implementation of a project that I have been working on for the past 2 years. I had to go and stay near London which took me away from my own computer and sewing machine although to be honest every waking moment I had was spent working so maybe it was good to be completely away from all my creature comforts.

Anyway I finally came home on Wednesday evening. I was so exhausted that I slept for 12 hours straight….a record for me I think. I had to get up at 9am the next morning to see my son off to pick up his GCSE results which thankfully went really well  (hopefully he’ll be able to do all the A level courses that he wants to). Once all that excitement was over the postman arrived…..and there was a parcel labelled DQS11. Hallelujah my doll quilt had arrived.

What did I find inside….

I received a fabulous quilt and extras from PatriciaBStudios of Maine, USA. The quilt was so perfect for me as it was made from my favourite citrus colours and was based on a pattern from Red Pepper Quilts whose blog I am an avid follower of. For extras I received a gorgeous pin cushion made from off cuts plus some scraps of fabrics leftover from the quilt plus the pattern that was her inspiration so I could make a full bed sized quilt for myself.

The piecing of the quilt is just so fabulous. The pieces were just so tiny I have to admit to being a bit awestruck. I don’t think I would manage to manipulate them through the sewing machine and keep them straight.

After such a hectic week at work it was just lovely to have such an amazing gift all for me….now I just need to find it home in my house. Thank you Patricia!!!