A tale of 3 quilts……

As usual I seem to have overcommited myself on the Christmas sewing front. Every year I say I’m going to take it easy this year and every year I have a huge pile of ‘stuff’ piled up next to my sewing machine.

I have managed to complete a lot already. All swap commitments completed and sent away, 25’ish bags made and distributed amongst work colleagues, school friends and teachers. Now I am left with finishing off quilts.

I have three quilts that I must finish off 1 for a 7 year old girl, 1 for a 5 year old boy and 1 for a 16 year old boy. For the first two I combined fabric ranges with some of my stashed away fabrics but for the third I went the whole hog and bought all the fabrics from the same range…..some bought more than a year ago and topped up with new colours and designs this year.

Quilt 1 – Sherbet Pips

You may recall that in the summer I made my daughter a Sherbet Pips quilt. This quilt has a very similar look and feel and is made from all the fabric I had left over from the first quilt.

I know that this range seems to be either loved or hated by people but I firmly sit in the love corner. The mixture of red and grey is just perfect when you want to make something that is girly but will last beyond the pink phase!!

I mixed in lots of dots and circles in grey and red aswell as some plainer fabrics. The quilt is quilted very simply with red straight lines following the rows and the binding is white with red dots. I have completed the quilting and added the binding just need to sew the binding down. Should have this one finished off in no time.

Quilt 2 – Super Heroes

For this quilt I really wanted something that was boyish but wasn’t the usual cars and trains. I went for some fabrics from Michael Miller (Super Heroes, Super Fun, City Lights and Bunting Scallops). I started with a bundle from Fabric Worm but ended up by needing to buy some extra fabrics from Frumble fabrics….when I also added some alien fabric.

I combined the fabric with a range of blue, green and yellow fabrics. Again they were primarily dots and circles but I also added some multicoloured stripes and squares. I really love how all the fabrics have worked together.

For the quilting I have again gone for blue straight lined following the rows but also a few top to bottom lines following the block edges. I haven’t made the binding yet but I think I will go for a scrappy binding using up some of the left over scraps. Right now the quilt is all quilted and just waiting for binding so should get the binding on today and be ready for Christmas.

Quilt 3 – Funky Monkeys

This quilt is for my son. The Prince of Rock has had a toy monkey (Ernie) since he was 7. The monkey still sits on his bed and gets taken away on trips, gets dressed up etc. When I saw the funky sock monkey range last year I just had to have some so bought lots of it and stashed it away. This year I saw some of the funky sock monkey santas and fell in love with them too so bought some fat quarters of it and stashed it away. My daughter has been desperate for us to turn the fabric into a quilt but it is difficult to secretly make a quilt for someone who lives in the house.

I have finally managed to work on it by cutting the fabrics while he was at college and then piecing it together on Sunday whilst he was in Manchester at the football. The block pattern that I went for was an alternating pattern of one large block and then 4 smaller squares. I love these fabrics so much….the fat santas are hilarious as are the mug shots of different santas. I just know he is going to love it.

This quilt is the one I am now panicking about. I have the quilt top made but I still need to baste, quilt and bind it but I don’t have access to my sewing machine after today….aghhhh!!!! I may have to banish my son from the downstairs of the house so I can get it done.

I also have to bake my Christmas cake, make mincemeat, wrap presents, write cards….oh dear today is going to be a very busy day……..


St.Nicolas swap items ready to fly away…..

I have finally finished my items for the St.Nicolas swap. I have been prevaricating for the last month on what to make/send away for the St.Nicholas swap. I tried out a few ideas but settled on a modern feel and made some coordinating items in a combination of turquoise, bright pink and yellowy green (sounds horrid but it is ok!!).

My main item is a mug rug made from some Michael Miller fabric. I cut out and appliqued the tree and numbers before doing some free motion quilting. It is a bigger size than normal as I thought it could be used to leave out a drink and nibbles for santa and rudolph!!

Mug rug

Storage tin wrapper



Tree ornaments

The tin is filled with the items above plus a few other bits and bobs that I chucked in such as clips, felt animals and some nibbles.

Everything is now wrapped and ready to fly away to my partner……..assuming it can get past the snow. What do you think of the fab Cath Kidston christmas tissue paper….I couldn’t resist it!

All wrapped up and ready to go

Something to carry my laptop in….

Aswell as making lots of bags for gifts yesterday I worked on a bag for me to use to carry my laptop in. I saw a pattern in last months Quick Quilts for a commuter bag which I thought would be perfect for me.


Commuter bag second down on the right.....


I already had some blue fabrics from the Woodland Delights range by Michael Miller fabrics stashed away waiting for the right pattern to come along. I decided not to put a flap on the pocket as I would be carrying a handbag aswell so it would just be extra sewing!

I found the pattern fairly easy……… apart from the fact that the fusible wadding in the handle went wrong so I have one padded and one non-padded strap.


Front of the commuter bag


Back of commuter bag.....

My laptop fits in the bag perfectly but I have one problem which is that my charger wont fit in aswell…had to pop that in my handbag when I went to work today. I suspect the bag will be perfect for carrying about my netbook and charger but I may have to make a larger bag if I want to put laptop and accessories in the same bag.


Laptop in the bag....

Overall I think it was a great project and I got some compliments for the bag at work so successful overall.


A day of bag making…

The rest of my family have been out and about today (playing golf, going to parties) and I have had some peaceful time at home to work on some bag making projects.

I cut out some fabrics for some book bags a few weeks ago. I like to buy little mini bundles of fat eighths from Fabric Rehab and turn them into bags. It’s great because I never know what I’m going to get – sometimes I get some fabrics from ranges I have been coveting and sometimes I get some quirky fabrics. The fat eighths make bags that are just perfect for carrying books and rolled up magazines in so they should make some really good Christmas gifts.

Take a look at our tree of bags……I think there is a bag for everyone!


A tree of bags......



Dill Blossom bag



Owl Shopper



Dandelion bag



A good folks bag...



Pink owls......


Fairies, fairies, everywhere…

We have finished off our flower fairy quilt top today. Cupcake Princess was desperate to have some of Michael Millers Flower Fairy fabric the minute that she saw it. The choice of which fairy panel to go with was fairly stressful for CP as she really liked them all but I think her choice of the Cornflower Fairy was the right one as she is just so pretty.

Cornflower Fairy

Outer fabric close up 1

Outer flower fairy fabric 2

We have worked on the top together…I am in charge of cutting, pinning and any difficult sewing,  CP is in charge of the rest of the sewing.

Cupcake Princess sewing the fairy quilt

We have kept it fairly simple as the flower fairy panel is the main element of the quilt but we did some blocks for the corners to break up the outer fabric and stop it being too plain.

Corner block

Corner close up 1

Corner Close Up 2

I am really pleased with the finished quilt top – I think it is really pretty and we managed to make it big enough for a lap quilt without lots of difficult piecing.

Flower Fairy Quilt

I know the quilt is very girly and traditional – not my normal taste but Cupcake Princess who the quilt is for just loves it and has already been testing it out to make sure it is the right size.

Test driving the quilt top for size....

Now all I have to do is get on with the quilting. CP would like me to get the quilt finished today but I have had the flu for the past couple of days and don’t feel up to sitting in front of the sewing machine for hours. Looks like next weekend will be a busy sewing weekend…..

Stitching the garden…..

While on holiday I took the opportunity to do some hand applique. I have so many projects part completed waiting for me to do the applique and I don’t often have large periods of time to get to work on them.

I took the fused blocks for my Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt with me. Although 5 have been fused only one has been fully appliqued. I’m pleased to say that I managed to complete two more blocks….which involved many hours of stitching sitting in the back of the car.

Block Six Appliqued

Close up of centre

Close up of individual flower

Block 4 appliqued

Block 4 close up

It was quite fitting that I worked on this project as I bought the pattern whilst on holiday in Devon last year. I bought it from a really nice patchwork shop in Bovey Tracey called Serendipity Quilts. The people are so friendly & helpful and have a lovely range of fabrics.

We popped in again this holiday and picked up a new project that Cupcake Princess wants us to do – a Flower Fairy quilt using the flower fairy range from Michael Miller Fabrics. We decided to go for the cornflower fairy:

Flower Fairy Fabrics

We bought one of the big panels, a couple of fairy frost fabrics and then a big piece of fabric with small images of the cornflower fairy on. Come back in a few days and we should have an update on progress with the project….stitching has already started!!