Book Block Instructions

I don’t want to be too prescriptive about how to put together the book blocks but instead I have put together a block myself and have taken photos of my creative process.

There are a couple of key points though:

  • The finished block needs to be 12.5 – 13inches high.
  • The background for each block is white .
  • The bookends themselves should be no taller than 11 inches so that each book has at least a small piece of the white background.
  • A strip should be included to incorporate the name of each book plus a strip at the bottom for the author or initials of the book selector.

What will each fabric pack contain:

  • List of 4 books selected by other quilting bee members plus 5 other book names from my own book collection.
  • Strips of fabric themed to your package.
  • Strip and square of plain fabric for embroidery, book label etc.
  • Strip of plain white fabric for background.
  • Embellishment ribbon and thread.

This is how my construction went!!

1) I worked on some little embroidery motifs and book names to be included in my book ends.

2) I took some strips of fabric and matched them up with the embroideries and plain strips ready for names to be added.

3) I put all the pieces for each bookend together.

4) I laid out all the completed bookends I made and ordered them so that there was a variation in height and colour. Each book end was between 8 and 10.5 inches.

5) I added a white strip to the top of each block to build it up.

6) I added some ribbon embellishments to some of the plain bookends and then sewed them all together. Finally I cut the block down to 13 inches in height. The block was also roughly 13 inches in width.

The intention is to add the names, authors and initials of the quilting bee member who selected the book at a later point…if I hadn’t managed to embroider it first. You will see my initials included in a couple of the bookends for my favourite books.

If you are happy to do some of the embroidery for your block and add it I would be grateful and I have included one bigger piece of plain fabric in each pack for that. If embroidery isn’t your thing don’t worry…just add a plain strip for the embroidery and I will add it later.

I would really like you to put together bookends for the books selected by quilting bee members. If you could also add bookends from my collection to make up to a 12 inch length of books I would be really grateful!

I cant wait to see what you all put together….I think this quilt could end up looking really cool and I love the fact it will have something personal from each person who was involved in making the quilt books.



  1. This is going to be great! I can’t wait to start!!

  2. I absolutely love this! Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. oh this is sooo cool. i am so excited. my husband is such a huge reader… i may have to make a small wall hanging like this for his office.

  4. this is such a cool quilt idea, and i especially love the colors you picked and the fabrics you chose. this will be beautiful.

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