Xmas Twit Woo…..

That time of year has arrived when I need to work on all my Christmas projects. Normally I love this time of year and throw myself into all the activities but this year despite starting early life has taken over and I have got a bit behind. I now have not very much time but have lots of present to make and swap items to complete….ahhhh!!!!

Right now my focus is on Christmas ornaments. I have a couple of ornament swaps I am involved in plus I need ornaments to add in as extras for other swaps. I have lots of ideas and I have been scanning magazines and books for more ideas. I bought a copy of Prima Christmas Makes and amongst lots of ideas there was a fab project for owl ornaments.

I love owls as does Cupcake Princess so it seemed a perfect project for me to make. I wasn’t sure about the tufty ears and the legs but I liked the general shape and the use of metal beads for the eyes.

I sorted through my felt box and got on with a prototype so I could confirm that 1) I liked it and 2) that I could actually make something that I was happy with in terms of stitching etc.

The shape was simple but I was a bit disappointed when I cut it all out as it looked a bit uninteresting…….

……..however once I added the stitching and bead eyes I loved it!! Unfortunately the picture doesn’t give the ornament justice. It has been so dark and gloomy here today, taking photos was a bit of a nightmare.

I am going to see whether any of my partners like the owls…I have lots of different colour options that I am working on. I have also ordered some felts in some Christmasy colours to make something a bit more woodland rather than bright.

What do you think? Would you like an owl for your tree? Do you have any good patterns or ideas that I could pinch!!?? Are you making any handmade ornaments this year?



  1. I have the FaaLaaLaa Owl pattern if it is of any use to you? Am happy to scan

  2. love the owls they looks awesome!

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