Belated Halloween fun

Halloween may have come and gone but I want to show you the quilt that I made the children for Halloween. The binding was only finished on Sunday but at least it was ready on time.

I made the quilt using leftovers from the fabrics I used to make Cupcake Princess’s Halloween costume last year…….

Trick or treating.......

I chose wonky star blocks to make the quilt as they are so easy to make and are perfect to use up off cuts and scraps. I wanted to try out making different sizes of stars plus stars within stars which I had seen in a quilt in the book Material Obsession. I really liked the different effects you could make by playing with the blocks.
I tried to piece the blocks together so that there was a symmetrical feel in terms of colour. I did unpick and remove one small star that was too prominent in my initial lay out but I was really happy with the final layout with the central dark star. I finished the quilt off with some FMQ meandering all over the top. I forgot to take a photo of the back but it is purple and the orange quilting looks really great.
I am really happy with how this quilt came out – we wont be putting it away just for Halloween, it will be added to our ever increasing pile of sofa snuggle quilts.


  1. LOVE it xxx

    • Thanks Cat….. this is the one good thing to come out of a really terrible week. I used the therapeutic nature of quilt binding to get me through some stressful time this week. I always turn to a bit of sewing when I need thinking time.

  2. Queen Mother says:

    It looks better in the flesh, or should I say blood!!!!!

  3. It looks wonderful, as does the costume!

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