Planes, trains and automobiles…..

This year seems to have been the year of the baby. So many friends have been having children ….maybe its the lack of money keeping them at home making their own entertainment! Earlier in the year when I worked out how many babies there were going to be I started purchasing children’s fabrics, whenever I saw them on offer, so that I could whip little quilts or bags. I probably bought a larger range of girls fabrics as I knew I could use them for other projects but I also bought 3 half yards of Ann Kelle’s Ready Set Go range. I thought this fabric was perfect as it had a large graphic and the different colours would combine well with some of the strips of leftover fabrics I have stashed away.

Well would you believe everyone has had boys! Not one girl amongst them all. I have had to be creative in using the three fabrics and combine them with more of the stashed away fabrics than I originally planned. This morning I quilted a large floor mat/quilt and pieced together the top for a smaller cot sized quilt/changing mat. I’m really pleased with the brightness of them and they definitely look like boy quilts. The tops are very simple and I have just used straight line stitching for the quilting. I was worried how much washing any fancy piecing could cope with – we all know the amount of washing you need to do with anything that goes near babies/toddlers.

I still have some scraps of fabric left which I thought I could use to make a drawstring bag to keep the changing mat quilt in. The problem I have now is that I have two other boys to make gifts for. I don’t have much more boy themed fabric but as I am trying to hold back on fabric purchases at the moment I will need to be even more creative in how I eek the fabrics out. I have some superhero fabrics stashed away for a Christmas project, included as part of the bundle there were 3 fat quarters of some car themed fabric so that is what I will need to work with.

Do you find it difficult working on projects for boys? Do you have any ideas on how I can make two boy themed baby gifts from just 3 fat quarters of fabric? I will of course add some spots and stripes from my stash but I don’t have anything very exciting. I will need to find a design that accentuates the patterned fabric so that you don’t notice how little of it there is!


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