A pile of little gifts…..

I’ve been very quiet for the past couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sewing. I have been working on an early stash of Christmas gifts for my daughters friends, nieces etc.

I know I’ll want to be working on some Christmas themed projects soon so I thought I would get some gifts out the way. My plan is to make a range of place mats, coasters and little book bags. I have various scraps, leftovers from other projects and small lucky dip fabrics that I have been gathering up for this very purpose. I am on a mission to use as much fabric as possible at the moment so I can justify making some new purchases.

I will give them as gifts individually or combine them into little sets like the one below.

You may have noticed a little bag at the back there made from Melody Millers Ruby Star Rising fabrics.

You might not think that this fabric range was one for little girls but I made an identical bag for Cupcake Princess a few weeks ago and she loves it…..look at her using it at the Festival of Quilts below. It has become one her favourite shopping bags. It has also made her dig out my sons viewfinder and discs which have been gathering dust out in the garage – I’m not sure how exciting the pictures of dinosaurs and diggers were but she hasn’t put it back in the garage yet.

 (I knew I would find a reason to post a picture of the Compare the quilts.com quilt at some time…isn’t it fabulous!!).

Have you started work on your Christmas projects yet? I have some larger projects that I need to start working on over the next couple of weeks. I’m pulling the fabrics together right now but I should have something to show you soon.



  1. What great gift ideas!

  2. Hi, many thanks for entering my giveaway. Just wanted to let you know that you are showing as ‘no reply comment blogger’ so you may want to change your settings so folks can reply to you via email. Best of luck, Jxo

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