Scooting about…….

My daughter is a bit of a scooter addict. Whenever there is a letter to be posted or a pint of milk needed from the local shop the scooter appears in the porch in anticipation of a trip!

Earlier in the year when I spotted the Sherbet Pips range from Aneela Hoey I just knew I had to buy some and make Cupcake Princess a quilt. When the fabric arrived I had lots of other things on the go and so it was stashed away for a rainy day. Over the months I have seen some really cool quilts being made aswell as bags, cushions etc…each time I have seen one the bag of fabric has come out to be stared at and then stashed away again. I have seen various postings about the fabric range (good and bad) and felt very disappointed about some of the negativity around the popularity of this range as I think it is perfect fabric for little girls. For me the best bit about it is that it isn’t too girly. I bought the grey and red options which have such a wintry feel….CP is getting a bit old for lots of pink!

I finally pulled the fabric out a couple of weeks ago and started work on a really simple quilt incorporating other red and grey fabrics that I have stashed away. My intention is to make some of these quilts for Christmas presents so this was the first prototype. I cut lots of strips of fabrics in two different depths/widths and created a random pattern layout.

It all looked good when I had it laid out on the floor however when I stitched it together I was extremely frustrated that some of the seams in the strips lined up (see 2, 3 & 4 on right hand side plus rows 6 & 7). All that effort to get them staggered and I managed to line them up! As this was a prototype I didn’t unpick it all but it has taught me that next time I will do a more ‘planned’ random lay out – I feel a graph paper purchase coming on.

For the quilting I went for a very simple set of straight lines following the strip seams.


I found the stitching on this reasonably easy. It’s the biggest quilt that I have quilted so I was really worried whether I would manage it but with some careful rolling and bending of the quilt it was finished without too much stress.

I’m so pleased with the fabric combo and general look of the quilt. If I squint my eyes I can make the straight lines look a bit staggered……. and therefore more pleasing to my critical eye. More importantly Cupcake Princess absolutely loves it and has been snuggling up under it ever since it was finished.

The back of the quilt was made from some Ikea polka dot fabric that I bought years ago but which were a perfect match for these fabrics. Dont you just love it when a plan comes together!!

Now I’m gathering up some fabrics to start making the Christmas quilts. I’ve been scouring the online shops to look for some additional Sherbert Pips so I don’t run out of the variety of fabrics I need. I’ve picked up some bits from Fabric Rehab and Seamstar but I’m still looking for any more bargains that might be out there.

(Quilters Confession: Whilst looking for Sherbet Pips I gave in and purchased some of Aneelas new Little Apples range…I couldn’t help it, I had to have some!!)



  1. Love pips – great for a scooter girl! I don’t think the matched seams are noticeable – had to look really hard to find them!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog but you are a no reply blogger so couldn’t email back! Love the ice cream house – may get to that one myself this Christmas!

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