A rainbow of colours…….

Working on my rainbow mug rugs is such great fun. I get to search through my stash of fabric for the right little pieces of fabric to cut out – there is always some pattern that catches my eye. After cutting out the fabrics I get to play around with the squares to find that perfect lay out. This time I spent a really long time laying them all out. I had such a dilemma as I liked the idea of a 7 striped rainbow but that meant I would have more of a place mat than a mug rug….once I had 7 colours in my head I found it hard to see anything with less colours although I did try them out. I have taken photos of the various layouts which I will share in another post as its really interesting how much difference a layout change can make.

Eventually I just went for my 7 colour lay out…

I really liked how the colours worked together in this lay out. All the bright hot colours on one side and all the cooler colours on the other. Sewing it all together was nice and quick …I just added some very simple straight line quilting so that the fabrics weren’t obscured (you will notice the obvious mistake where I sewed them together in the opposite order – it still has the same effect though).

The question of binding came up as usual. I always spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to decide on what binding to use and after some deliberation I went for black polka dots as a frame for the rainbow colours.

I do hope my partner likes their giant rainbow mug rug. If they don’t like it my daughter will have it as she loves it and to be honest I may have to tear it away from her. I actually like the back almost as much as I love the front as you can see the criss cross of the quilting.

So that’s one down and I still have one more to go aswell as the extras so this weekend will have to be one of my sewing frenzies!!!



  1. I love your rainbow quilts. So bright!

  2. I love your MR – the black spotty binding is wonderful and I love the reverse rainbow, I thought you’d planned it that way! Not surprised your daughter loves it, you’d have to rip out of my hands too!

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