Another rainbow rug mug coming up …….

It’s that time again…mug rug swapping! This time I have joined the Goodie Swap hosted by Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting. For this swap I have been assigned two partners for whom I have to make a mug rug and a small extra goodie such as a pincushion or bag. As usual I have pulled together a mosaic of pictures to inspire my partners. I keep meaning to have a go at making some thread spools myself, maybe my partner will send me some so I have something to show me how to make them!

The finished items need to be sent in about 10 days so this weekend I need to get to some hard work on what I am making. Having done some partner stalking the first mug rug I am working on is another rainbow mug rug. Do you remember this one?


My intention is to make something very similar so I have been searching through my stash and cutting lot of 2.5 inch squares to play around with…

So far this is my potential combo……

Do you like the camel? I have to admit it will be hard to part with that square!!I’m off now to start sewing the squares together. Hopefully later today I will be able to share my finished mug rug top.



  1. These look great – I’m not in the swap but I’m really enjoying being a spectator! Love the camel!

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