Sewing attire……and some real concentration

We’ve been very quiet in the past few days with all the back to school prep and visits to grandparents. However, sewing has not been forgotten. Cupcake Princess in particular has been very busy working away with her Doodle Stitching book – she’s far more studious and patient than I am when it comes to projects

What do you wear when you’re working on your sewing projects? Apparently CP’s pooh hat helps keep her hair out of her eyes.

Do you have a concentrating face? Does anyone know why sticking your tongue out helps with concentration?

Updates on what we’ve made coming soon ……. hope you like scooters!!



  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous – My Lil Philosopher pokes his tongue out in pure concentration – I love it xxx

  2. Ah … the old tongue sticky out thing! It’s a throwback … we use our tongues (unconsciously) all the time, we taste, we mirror words we think, etc. so by sticking it out (and importantly by biting on it) we temporarily call a halt to processing all that information, to allow us to concentrate more! weird huh?

    I used to have a teacher who mouthed ‘notes’ while he was playing the piano, it always looked like he was chewing a giant marshmallow!

    I stick my tongue out (and hold my breath?) when I’m deep in focus ….

    What a lovely pic …

    • So there is some science to it…..both my kids do it so obviously they do a lot of concentrating – it seems to increase when playing with the dreaded play station confirming my view that all my son cares about is that playstation!

  3. I’m a lip biter (as is my brother – we have the same concentrating face!) but it definitely helps me concentrate – love the hat, I think I need one of them!

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