Give a pet a home…..

You may have popped in to look at this post thinking that I am about to ask you to support a charity or house some unwanted cats/dogs however I’m not asking anything from you I’m just wanting to share the latest challenge from my daughter. Cupcake Princess has toy ‘phases’ like most children I know and for the last couple of weeks she seems to have been obsessed with Littlest Pet Shops. She has been collecting them on and off for a couple of years but during these school holidays it seems like every sentence has some mention of pet shops…which one do you like best? what type of animal do you think it is? what do you think its name is?

On Friday having neglected my children for a few days I tried to spend some quality time with the kids and Cupcake Princess announced that she needed a new bag for the Pet Shops as she had had to go and visit the Queen Mother with the Pet Shops in a sandwich bag. Apparently a plastic sandwich bag just wasn’t good enough for the Pet Shops and a proper Pet Shop bag was required.

Yesterday CP spent a couple of hours searching through my fabric stash, pulling out fabrics, trying out combos and eventually she found some animal alphabet fabric that I bought from Fabric Rehab a couple of months ago which would be suitable for a pet bag. Once combined with some grey and lime green fabrics we had the perfect selections for bag making.

I got up nice and early this morning and started work on a drawstring bag. The bag was based on an Amy Butler pattern that I tried out a couple of times last year but I have scaled it up to a larger size (it required some thinking as I haven’t got a clue where the pattern is so everything was based on gut feel).

I managed to knock up the bag really quickly and luckily CP was happy with it. The only extra bit she wanted was to add something to make it clear it was a bag for Pet Shops. It was time for CP to get out her embroidery hoop and knock up a Pet Shops embroidery. Once I had the words it was fairly easy to knock up a label with some fabric scraps, ribbon and interfacing. The only challenge with this bag was having to use the button hole stitch (for the drawstring holes and the label ribbon hole) , for some reason I always seem to have the buttonhole going in the wrong direction and turning at the wrong time.

I’m really pleased with how it’s come out….hopefully there is enough room for new pet arrivals and she wont have to be embarrassed the next time she takes them on an outing to nana’s!!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Ah but will it be big enough?
    She has more waiting for her here & an eBay session has been promised!! Also there are the ones that we bought together on the understanding that they would be part of her Xmas present!!

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