Piecing together the string quilt top……

In my last post I had started to piece together the string blocks for my string quilt. In total I made 16 3.5 inch string blocks to make my 12 inch square doll quilt. I have provided some instructions below on how I put together the blocks to make my finished quilt top.

Making the cross blocks is easy. You take 4 individual string blocks and lay them out in a cross shape. Once you are happy with the layout sew them together with a quarter-inch seam. I ironed all the seams flat before and after putting the crosses together in a bid to minimise the bulkiness of the seams as you sew the blocks together.

Sew blocks together into a criss cross


Once you have the first cross block lay the block out with all of the unpieced crosses to check you are still happy with the layout. If you are like me you will spend  a while moving the blocks around until you are happy with how they look together.


Rehearse the lay out before piecing more criss crosses

Once you are happy with the lay out piece together each of the cross blocks and then sew together the cross blocks into the final quilt top. When you’ve finished the quilt top give the back another good iron to flatten those seams.

Finish by sewing together all the criss crosses

Next you have to add the quilting. I went for a simple design where I sewed 2 diagonal lines following the pink criss cross. I also sewed a quarter-inch line followig the inside of each of the squares created in the criss cross. You should be able to see the quilting in the picture below. It was very overcast this afternoon so it was difficult to get a shot that clearly showed the quilting. I used some purple/pink/orange/yellow variegated thread to go with the multicoloured nature of all the fabrics.

Quilt the top with a diagonal pattern

So now you have a finished quilt top ready to be bound. I have to admit I’m really finding it hard to decide what to go for for the binding. The obvious and simplest choice would be to bind with more of the pink fabric but I think the top probably needs more of a frame. I have been pulling out a few solids that could be contenders.
I’ve also wondered whether to go for a polka dot….I have white with pink spots and black with white dots. I think the black fabric could be a winner.
What do you think? I need to get this quilt finished off by tomorrow night so I need to make a quick decision!!! All help and ideas gratefully received…..


  1. Fab quilt. Black dotty for me!

  2. purple or turquoise for me.

  3. The black dotty is nice…I kind of like the dark purple or the turquoise on the left. Great quilt.

  4. I like the blue/turquoise on the left. It brightens everything up (not that it needs it lol) Great quilt.

  5. I would go with either the blue next to the pink or the black dotty…..gorgeous quilt……

  6. I like the turquoise that is on the left or the black dots. I’m sure whatever you choose will look wonderful.

  7. I’m so glad you went with the criss cross layout – I LOVE it – and I like the pink dotty as it makes the blocks the feature

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