Playing around with some strings…….

Following on from my post earlier in the week on string blocks I have been working on a string block idea for my DQS11 quilt. I had my original hexagon and triangle idea a couple of weeks ago but I just haven’t been feeling any love for it as its progressed. Making the string block for my tutorial and pulling out my string mini quilt to look at made me come up with a string quilt idea for my partner.

My partner said she liked brightness/colour and disliked dull muted colours. In my scrap box I have some fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabric offcuts that I picked up at Cotton Patch and they are just perfect for a string quilt.

To keep with the bright theme I needed to have a centre strip that was bright and not white. Having stared at the strips for a while the pink tones really shouted out to me so I decided to go with a bright pink centre strip.

The size of the blocks was a bit of a dilemma but I’ve decided to go for 3.5 inch blocks with a half-inch visible centre strip. The blocks are small but big enough to get a decent width of each fabric on show.

I’m still making the blocks but I have started playing around with a couple of ideas for block layout. The first one is a criss cross (which is my current favourite).

The second idea is to lay out the blocks with a diagonal strip effect. I’m not loving the look of it so far but I will take another look at this when I have a few more blocks.

So what do you think? I know there are some dark blues and black in the fabrics but I still think there is still a really bright, colourful look to the blocks. These blocks are so different from my Nicey Jane block. I think they really show  what a different look you can get from one block made with different fabrics.



  1. I like the criss-cross layout better than the second one. It seems more focused, which works well when using the kaffe fabrics. The hot pink strip totally works! Maybe a lime green accent in a solid color?

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