Summer Bee Frenzy Part 2

Yesterday I gave you part 1 of my quilting bee catch up and today we have part 2 ….the Calendar of Houses bee.

The Calendar of Houses bee involves each member making a house block from their own stash each month themed to reflect that month. We generally post some key words that remind us of that particular month to give our partners some inspiration in case they are stuck. We live in different parts of the world so sometimes you need to make a wintery block when you’re in the midst of summer.

I needed to catch up on my June and July blocks. When I started work on them I decided to make one very bright, modern summery block and one more traditional block but each had a common theme – strawberries. In our house we have strawberries virtually every day during the summer period. Just the smell of strawberries makes me think of summer, strawberry picking, pimms, the kids faces covered in strawberry juice!

The modern block hasn’t quite come out as I wanted. I tried to make it a profusion of strawberries and flowers but the flowers seem to have blended into the strawberries making the windows and door disappear. However, a lot of English cottages are covered in roses and they cover windows etc so I decided not to remake it. I did add some little hand embroidered flowers in the garden just to add some extra floweryness. Do you think Strawberry Shortcake would live in a house like this?

The traditional block came out as I planned. It looks quite country style but the strawberries on the roof add a bit of fun.

Finally I have to share with you the lovely blocks that I have been receiving from my partners.

April’s block came from Chocolate is the best medicine and she gave me a block of Easter bunnies. Doesn’t the little girl in the window look naughty!

April block

The May block came from the Cat (Catalinas Cottage) all the way from New Zealand. Cat sent me  lovely block that was based around my little girl playing in the garden. She also sent a fabulous children’s reading book which my daughter has squirreled away in her bedroom!

May block

My June block came from Susan (Starwood Quilter) and was all based around my daughters vegetable patch. She included veg & fruit that she is growing in the garden so it was really personal and she absolutely loved it when it came.

June block

Sadly our pea plants died whist we were on holiday last week because of the very hot sunny weather but they did look like the ones in the fabric before the disaster!!

Just before I go I thought I would share a photo of my family doing some pick your own a couple of weeks ago just to prove we really are a family of summer berry addicts….

Fruit picking delights!!

Notice that whilst Cupcake Princess was posing for the photo the men of the household were guzzling raspberries….naughty, naughty boys!!!



  1. Great blocks you’ve made and received 🙂
    Glad cupcake Princess liked her book

  2. I love the Strawberry Shortcake house – I can just imagine her inviting her friends round for tea!

  3. Queen Mother says:

    Ah but what did you make with the berries? One of your usual yummy deserts I hope! How lucky I am to have a daughter that can sew and cook, perhaps she got the talents from me!! Ha Ha!!

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