Summer bee frenzy part 1

Recently I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had as much sewing time as I would like. I have kept up with all my swap commitments but unfortunately I have got a little behind with my quilting bees so today was put aside to have a big catch up. I have had a little stack of envelopes building up in my sewing corner filled with my projects to work on – I had opened them and studied what was required but just hadn’t started working on them. I have just finished my last block in the back log so its time to share some of the lovely blocks I’ve made.

Sew Buzzy – June

June was the last month in our Sew Buzzy bee and the person selecting the block was Sharpshayla our bee mama. As she knew we were all needing time to complete other blocks and our quilts she gave us a nice simple project to work on. It is called a ‘Squished Nine Patch Block’. Shayla sent the pieces part cut and some really great simple instructions so it was a doddle. A great block to finish on.

Fresh & Funky Bee – June

For the June block we had Jo & Fran from Saints & Pinners the online fabric store selecting the block. The ladies chose to give us the job of making strips of flying geese for a Denise Schmidt quilt using some lovely orange Tanya Whelan flowered fabric. The construction was fairly easy BUT I’m not sure I did it quite right as the construction picture was a little confusing for me.

String me along – June

June seemed to be the month for flying geese as Nichole also selected flying geese for string me along. This time we had some gorgeous hope valley fabric and a request for a 12.5 inch block of flying geese. I checked out what everyone else had done and went for something fairly simple. Some of the ladies have made some amazing blocks but I’m not sure I would be able to pull them off. The inspiration mosaic did include a block I made last year so hopefully I helped with inspiring them!! I really need to have a go at one of those amazing flying geese circles that seem so popular at the moment. I think there may be a pattern for one in Sarah Fielkes new book…..

String me along – July

Choosing the July block was the job of Freshly pieced and she chose a really pretty project from the Moda Bake shop – Avignon Picnic .

This project looked so simple to prepare and I got straight to cutting out the cream rectangles – 12 needed – then got on with the sewing. Now I am 37 years old so you would think that a sum of 4 x 4 would be easy peasy wouldn’t you. Well as I worked away making the pairs of cream and patterned fabrics I realised I had 4 left over. You might think at that point I might be worried but no I thought they were there as spares. Piecing continued. The first 2 quarters were made – 1 s and 1 z then I laid out the second half and realised there really seemed to be a shortage of pairs. Oh dear 4 x 4 isn’t 12 its 16!! Unfortunately because of my miscalculation at the start I only had enough fabric for 14 cream pieces not 16 so I wasn’t able to make my full block. It’s so embarassing…even my daughter can do the 4 times table. Back to school for me!! The half I have made looked good though and I loved the Kate Spain fabric.

Tomorrow in part 2 I will show you the two Calendar of Bees blocks that I made plus the fabulous blocks I have been receiving from other bee members.

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