Sunday Hexalong 3 (plus some extreme hexieing!!)

The last week has flown by and now I’m back from our family holiday to Devon. We had a great week away … the weather was surprisingly good so the kids had some much longed for beach time which always cheers them up. I was happy because I managed to fit in some much-needed sewing chill out time. It’s amazing how many opportunities you can find for sewing when you have your trusty hexie bag stashed away in your hand bag. Whenever there was a few minutes spare whilst the others were wrapped up in some energetic activity I pulled the bag out and got stitching.

I was wondering whether there are people who do extreme stitching in a similar way to people who do ironing in bizarre places. If there aren’t people doing it already I think we should start the trend…I took a couple of piccies to prove I was using all my free time wisely!

Anyway what were the fruits of all these labours!!

Last week:

Total No of hexies pieced together: 84

Total No of hexies waiting for piecing: 674

This week:

Total No of hexies pieced together: 105 (plus 21)

Total No of hexies waiting for piecing:  (873 plus 199)

The 105 hexies make a perfect square which I can now use to estimate how many hexies I will need to make myself a lap quilt to keep my toes warm!! I’m really pleased with how many hexies I have prepped ready to add in but I suspect putting the whole quilt top together may take me rather a lot of evenings of sewing………



  1. Queen Mother says:

    How many for a bed spread??

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