Diamonds really are a girls best friend…..

 The doll quilt swap (DQS11) is in full swing. This time the focus is very much on piecing blocks rather than the art quilts which were so popular in the last round. I actually did a completely pieced zig zag quilt last time but some how I have had a bit of a creative block getting going this time.

I ordered a charm pack of Robert Kauffman solids in a bright rainbow colour set a couple of weeks ago in preparation for making the quilt and I seem to have just stared at the pack for ages. However, work has to start and having worked my way through all my quilting books I decided that I wanted to make an English pieced quilt top. After some rummaging through my sewing box I came across 50 3″ diamond paper pieces that I bought a few months ago. Finally an idea started to form. The pictures below show you the process that I have gone through to consider various potential patterns. You can also see I did finally make a decision.

First make some diamonds....


Try out some patterns for the diamonds....

The winner....a star!


A rainbow star with a white background...

Coming together......

 So there is still a lot to do but the design is coming together……I may have very sore thumbs by the end of the week when I’ve finished hand piecing this. I still need to cut the outer diamonds in half to make the triangle border and work out how to piece it together. The toughest bit is going to be how I can square off the centre block to add the border. Sometimes I do make hard work for myself but in the end there is real satisfaction when you overcome these challenges.

What do you think…do you like it? Do you think a star was a good idea? Feedback is always appreciated.



  1. Wow! I really like it! It looks fresh and traditional at the same time. I am a sucker for rainbows, though.

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