Sunday Hexalong Kick Off

I’ve been enticed into joining the Hexalong that is being run by Lily’s Quilts ( ). This group is more laid back than normal and it is all about us working on our own hexagon projects all at our own pace.

There is a flickr group set up for sharing our projects, progress etc. . If you go and check it out you’ll see that some people are making very complicated pieced hexagons while others are sticking to the simpler Engish pieced hexagon.

I have been making hexies for a while and for the past few weeks I have been using all my spare time working on a citrus themed English pieced 1 inch hexagon quilt. I must have been mad going for 1 inch hexagons but they do have a strangely addictive quality.

I have been primarily using orange, yellow and limey green fabrics but there are also increasing elements of pink coming into it. I have deliberately been trying to make a bit of  ‘eye spy’ effect by including picture fabrics. Cupcake Princess keeps looking at my box of hexies to see what new fabrics have crept in…she particularly likes the strawberries and elephants.

Personally I even love the back of the pieced together hexies…….

Anyway, what I thought I would do during the Hexalong is every Sunday I will give you an update on how many hexies I have sewn together and how many more hexies I have made to go into the quilt. This way you can see how I am getting along and maybe it will inspire you to join in with us…I promise you that once you’ve started its hard to stop!!

Hexalong start:

Total No of hexies pieced together: 79

Total No of hexies waiting for piecing: 606




  1. Oooh these are so mouthwateringly delicious! what a good idea to give a weekly update … I too love the back piecing shot … that’s why I’m going to try bordered hexies …

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