Phew…everythings in the post!!

With all the recent swapping activity I seem to have been on a constant mission to get items finished and in the post. This week was no exception with the deadlines for Spicing Up the Kitchen and Brit Quilt Swaps.

Luckily my items were finished last weekend and all I had left to do was to pull together some extras, make a label and find something to pack them off in.

The first one was easy as I had picked out my extras a little while ago for the Spicing up the kitchen and the Brit Quilt Extras came from my stash of fabrics/ribbons/hexies.

The second one , which was to label my Brit Quilt, wasn’t a difficult task but involved me having an hour to just sit and sew…thank heavens for sunny evenings when the kids are down at the park! I did a simple sewn label with threads that matched the colours of the quilt. I fused the label to the back of the quilt but didn’t sew it on aswell as I was worried I would end up spoiling the front. I have quilts that I have received where the labels are just fused on and they have stayed on fine.

The last thing to was the hardest…packaging. How do you package your quilt so that it is protected but also so it can actually be sent in the post. I wish I had taken a photo of my Spicing up the kitchen parcel before I wrapped it as I ended up using an old cornflake box. It was such a perfect size to slide the table topper and extras into…and I suppose it goes with the kitchen theme….

My brit quilt was a little easier as I had a tube that I had received a poster in which seemed ideal. However it did mean folding my quilt in half and rolling it which I wasn’t happy about but figured it was that or I would have to spend ages traipsing around trying to find something else to send it in. With a bit of jiggery pokery I got the quilt into the tube and also managed to cram in some extras. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit in the card I had bought so I ended up sending it separately ……. unsigned, so my partner couldn’t guess the quilt if the two pieces got split up in the post.

Brit Quilt swap

So that’s it now no more swaps in progress. I have put my name down for the Doll Quilt Swap 11 but its in no way guaranteed that you’ll get in as its so over subscribed. Now I’ll have to concentrate on catching up with my quilting bees and helping Cupcake Princess with her projects….


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