Spicing up the kitchen……

It seems like I have a constant stream of sewing commitments that I need to finish off at the moment. I’m such a glutton signing up for all these quilting bees and swaps but I really do enjoy taking part in the groups, coming up with new ideas to make plus of course its fab when you receive a fabulous item from someone else.

This weekends challenge is to make my items for the Spicing up the kitchen swap. In this swap I need to make a sewn item for someone elses kitchen. I bought some fabric for the swap weeks ago but with everything else I have on I hadn’t really got very far with turning it into anything for my partner.

I’ve been studying my partners likes, dislikes etc and decided that I would make a fabric and linen table topper. I could see that my partner likes the scrappy patchwork look so I went for it! I cut up all the fabrics in my Just Wing It charm pack and pieced them together to make a simple patchwork middle and borders (removig some colours that my partner said she didn’t like).

I added some of the fab teal linen I bought from Seamstar a few weeks ago…..

Today I spent the morning straight line quilting the table topper…..

Before you know it I had a finished table topper.

The proportions aren’t perfect. I should probably have gone for something a bit thinner in width but at least with this size there is plenty of space for putting out the items in the middle of the table.

I used the same jade green plain fabric on the back and for the binding as it coordinated really well with the top.


I may make some other smaller bits to go with this but I really hope my partner likes this…if she doesn’t I’ll have it!!



  1. It’s truly lovely. Rockin that teal .. and that beautiful straight line quilting …

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