I love my postman….

Ok why do I love my postman? He keeps delivering amazing parcels to me……this week I received two swap parcels.

On Tuesday he brought me a beautiful scrappy mug rug from Sharpshayla. We are in the Sew Buzzy quilting bee together so she knows my likes/dislikes better than a random secret partner. She knows how much I like Piece O’Cake Designs so she used one of their patterns to make a bright summery mug rug. I really love it. The quilting really highlights the flowers.

I was also lucky to receive some great extras…a quilting magazine and some really cute pins. She must have guessed how much we like owls….

Yesterday I received another parcel containing my Goodie Bag. It was really funny because I was sitting making my Goodie Bag when the parcel arrived. When I opened it I was so excited because it was the really cool bag that I had spotted in the group photo pool a few days ago and was coveting. Safieh had given some hints in her description with the bag that made me hope it was ours…and it was. She made such an effort to check out what I like and she worked out we were really interested in the Royal Wedding. Take a look at what she came up with….

The embroidery is so good and Cupcake Princess was amazed at the little crown. On the back there was Far Far Away fabric and surely no one could dislike that. Cupcake Princes thinks the bag must be for her and she has requisitioned it to add to her growing bag collection – I’m not sure that it’s entirely fair that I enter swaps, make a swap item and Cupcake Princess pinches all my swap items when they arrive. Mmmm…need to change this arrangement I think.

Aswell as this bag I received a goodie bag of fabric scraps. It was full of bird prints which I just love and one piece was more like half a yard than a scrap. I think I’ll have some fun planning what to make with them.

So now you know why I love the postman. The obvious next question is does the postman love me..NO!! I think he gets rather sick of dropping off packages of purchases, quilting bee packs, swaps etc.

Have to share the picture below…I think Cupcake Princess may have a bit of a bag obsession starting….


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