Goodie bag finished

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I made a practice bag for the Goodie Bag Swap. The final posting date is this Friday so the pressure was on today to get my bag done!

I decided in the end to go with the pink sewing fabric option. The primary reason for the selection was that the fabrics are thicker and therefore should make a stronger bag. At the last-minute I decided to use a combo of bright pink and natural linens just in case the pink is a bit much for my partner. The primary colour is still pink but at least some of it was toned down.

I made one key change from the practice bag …I used iron on interfacing rather than wadding. I thought this would make the bag less bulky and give it a bit more of a rigid feel. The natural linen isn’t as thick as the pink linen and can become easily distorted so the interfacing also minimises the movement whilst sewing the bag together. I am a little disappointed that there appears to be a bit of bubbling on the main back fabric but I had this with another bag and after I used it a couple of times it settled down and you can’t notice it.

Construction went fairly well although I could have kicked myself when I realised after sewing in the front pocket that I had forgotten to stitch along the top edge. Construction wise the stitching wasn’t really needed but aesthetically I would have liked it there.

In the practice bag I included interior pockets but in this bag I added an extra row of pockets and a hook for attaching any valuables.  Two rows of pockets should be more than enough for keys, phones, purses whatever you want.

Overall I am happy with how the bag came out and hopefully it will be to my partners taste. It has a sewing theme and my partner must be a sewer so hopefully she will find a use for the bag. Now I just need to fill a bag of scraps to put inside and then I can send it off tomorrow.

If my partner doesn’t like the bag she can send it back to me as I know someone who does like it……

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