Brit quilt started……

Since I received my partner info for the Brit Quilt Swap I have been pondering what to make. My partner seems to like some applique designs and as you will know if you have followed this blog I love applique.

I flicked through various books that I’ve got and kept coming back to Piece O’Cake Designs Applique Outside the Lines. I made a quilt for Cupcake Princess last year that was a hotch potch of elements from some of the quilts in this book and it looks really great. (Photo below isn’t great but you can see the feel).

I’ve decided to base my quilt on the border of the fabulous Tree of Life quilt.

I recently bought some plain and teal linen from Seamstar which I thought would be perfect to incorporate into the back ground and binding. Pulling fabrics to go with it took up much of yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately a lot of the fabrics I would have used aren’t really a favourite of my partner but I think I managed to pull a good range that gave me the blue/green feel of the original quilt.

I took the original quilt pattern and drew up a version that would fit the size of quilt I am trying to make. I added a few more swirls and flowers to fill up the space more. I’ve started to fuse the pieces to the linen background but there is still more to come…maybe a bird perched on one of the tendrils….still pondering!

As it’s a rainy Bank Holiday Monday I’m hoping to get a chance to carry on working on this today…just hope my partner is going to like it.


  1. Oooooh, I like all those colours thank you!

  2. It is lovely – I’m sure your partner will be delighted. Applique is so versatile, I love it too.

    I’m feeling very bad about how late your blocks are but I really should be able to get to them soon. So sorry, Juliex

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