As one swap ends another begins…..

As you all know I have been working on my mug rug for the scrappy mug rug swap. Everything was finished last weekend bar the binding. When I posted a picture of the quilted mug rug into our group area I asked for suggestions on the binding as I really wasn’t sure what fabric to use for the binding.

The group came back with a few suggestions:

Dark solid

Purple solid


Dark blue


I tried to see what they would look like by laying strips of fabric around the outside…

Having ummed and ahhed for a couple of days I went for the purple as I felt it added to the rainbow effect and didn’t detract from the colours in the quilted area. I really think I made the right decision as it frames the squares well and adds an extra darker colour to the mug rug.

The back of the mug rug is a stripey rainbow coloured fabric and I added a piece of my ‘Handmade by Patchwork Queen’ twill ribbon. All I have to do now is work out what extras to send out.

So what is the new swap that I will be working on ….it’s the Brit Quilt Swap! A new group was created on flickr a couple of weeks ago by Lynne from Lynne’s Quilts called Brit Quilt. This group is for British quilters to get together to chat and share pictures of their quilts. We are so jealous of the huge quilting community in America and other countries that we felt it was time for us Brits to start getting together.

Lots of chatting and sharing of information has been going on ……there are over a hundred members already. We wanted to do some quilting activity as a group so we have decided to do a British Doll Quilt swap. This should let us keep the group bonding going plus allow us to do some of our favourite pasttime…sewing and quilting!!

I pulled together a mosaic using some of my favourite doll quilts and other scrappy items. Just waiting for my partner info to come over the weekend now so I can start work. I wonder what my partner in this swap will want…hope they like bright colours!!

If you’re a quilter living in Britain and you want to join our group popover:



  1. Well, I think the purple is spot on. I love it! Thanks so much!!!!


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