Mug rug madness is here again….

Today I’ve been working away on my mug rug for the latest round of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap. I realised earlier that I hadn’t posted to say I was doing the swap and you haven’t seen any piccies of me working on my idea.

First off as usual its a secret swap and I have posted a mosaic of some quilts/sewn items I really like which will hopefully inspire my partner….whoever they may be! (If you want more info on any of the pictures find the mosaic in my flickr photos and there are links back to their originator).

You’ll notice they are all very bright and fairly scrappy. Funnily enough my partner also went for some really bright and scrappy quilts. I can’t show you their mosaic without giving everything away but I decided that I would go with something really scrappy.

I sorted through my scrap box earlier in the week and started pulling together an idea for a ‘rainbow of scraps’!

I posted the picture above in the flickr group for the swap and following some really positive feedback decided to go for it. Today I have finalised the scraps that I want to use and sewn them together.

I used a few of my Heather Ross scraps that I have bought and been given as extras in swaps….everyone seems to love them and they add a bit of quirkiness.

This evening I got on with quilting the mug rug. After quite a lot of careful thinking I decided to keep it simple with some straight line quilting following the edges of the squares…..I’m really pleased at how it has helped to make the piecing look more accurate than it is! It always amazes me how I spend so much time carefully cutting the pieces to the same sizes, piecing them with the same seam allowance and I still manage to get them slightly out of alignment…so frustrating.

Anyway I’m really pleased with how it has come out.

Tomorrow I need to work on the binding. Right now I’m really not sure what to go with. I could use some stripey fabric, or maybe some polka dots in a dark blue….I really can’t decide. Any other ideas?? All help will be gratefully received as I really want to get this right.


  1. I just love it!

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