Book quilt blocks start to arrive home…..

Last week I received back the first two blocks of books from my quilting bee friends.

The first set were craft books from Lynette Russell Designs:

I really love how she’s used all the different fabrics to make them look like sewing books. I also appreciate all the lovely embroidery.
The second set were cooking books from cce181:
There’s some fab embroidery on these books. The initials are the initials of the group member who selected the book.
Crystal also made a vase to go on the book shelf which I will post when I’ve added a piece of background fabric to it…didn’t send enough out in my package. I may also add some flowers in the vase…..I’ll see how enthusiastic I’m feeling about doing some embroidery tomorrow.
I laid the blocks out to see how they would look together.
I think they blend together really well as a shelf of books.
Here they are with my block added on…..

Blocks 1 -3 together

 It’s so exciting to see this quilt coming together after all my planning. I’ll let you know when some more blocks get home.



  1. Catherine says:

    I’m getting there honestly I am, however, the embroidery can’t be done at night due to my eyesight and its been school holidays so I’ve had no spare time during the day. Embroidery isn’t my thing but I’m trying .. .. ..

  2. I just love this idea! How terrific and clever. My mother is a librarian and would just love this…I think I may try to do something along these lines for her! Of course, as I am a beginner, I will start much smaller…maybe a pillow!

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