The big day is here….and we’re ready!!!

So today is the big day…..the Royal Wedding!!

I know it’s really sad and I know most men don’t get it but we’re so excited about watching it all. We did contemplate going down to London to get involved in the atmosphere but wimped out. However, at 6am my husband woke me up and dragged me downstairs to look at the tv……my friend was being interviewed sitting in a deck chair with her niece outside Buckingham Palace. I couldn’t believe it….if I’d know she was going maybe we would have gone.

Anyway we have decided to have a Royal Wedding lounge picnic! The buntings up, flags are out and a small (very sugary) picnic is ready to nibble during the next few hours of excitement….

Cupcake Princess is lying on the sofa a bit bleary eyed right now but she is already dressed up in her red and white outfit.

We’ll check in later and let you know what we think of all the pomp, ceremony and…..the dress!!!!


  1. Catherine says:

    I loved every bit of it :)))

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