Hexie craziness…

Many years ago I decided to have a go at english piecing and make hexagons. It was a complete disaster and I didn’t actually manage to make anything….primarily because I couldn’t work out how to join the hexagons together.

Since I have been reading blogs and looking at pictures on flickr I have constantly been coming across hexies and wonderful creations made with them. A few weeks ago I decided that it was time I got over my hexagon sewers block and had another go.

To try to eliminate one of the risk elements in the project I bought a pack of one inch precut hexagon shapes from www.paperpieces.com . I figured that my previous attempts may have been spoilt by unevenly sized hexagon pieces so it would be best to ensure I had some even sizing.

The second thing I needed was some decent instructions. There were instructions with the paper pieces but I didn’t think it would hurt to have a second set to refer to so I flicked through my magazine pile to find a recent copy of MagicPatch which I remembered had some instructions for piecing hexagons. Finally I pulled together a selection of fabrics with patterns I thought would work in one inch pieces.

Phew…after all that preparation it was time to get going. I cut lots of fabric squares, pinned the hexagon pieces to the centre of the squares, and tacked the hexagon together. It was a miracle….it looked like a hexagon!! I tried it again, and again, and again……and they all looked like hexagons. Why was it so hard last time?

I then throught that maybe my luck would run out when I pieced the hexies together…..but no that worked too.

I’m so pleased that I’ve finally overcome a sewing failure. I think I may now have the hexie bug……and I may well have passed it on to my children!!

Cupcake Princess sewing away....

Prince of rock sewing!!!

(Message to the queen mother: Yes that is the Prince of Rock sewing….I didn’t ask him to do it he asked me if he could have a go. The sun must have gone to his head!!! Very amusing seeing him sitting there with his tongue stuck out sewing.).

Now I’ve got the bug I can’t stop making hexies…I have so many ideas of things I can make. Hopefully I’ll have some actual things I have made with them to show you soon.



  1. Catherine says:

    Go Prince Of Rock! Philosopher also pokes his tongue out when concentrating! How cute .. .. ..
    I LOVE Hexies! My FIRST ever quilt was a hexagon Grandmothers Garden – all hand pieced, I cut the paper pieces out of wallpaper scraps and brought a rubbish bag of curtain offcuts for $5 from the local curtain shop. The result a perfect scrappy quilt – 20 years on it needs a bit of love . . . it’s on my ‘to do’ list

  2. Cute, cute cute! I have a hexagon quilt pieced together, but back in those days we didn’t use the paper inserts. I’m tempted to try it this way! Love see the kidlets trying it out, and the 1″ seems perfect to find that perfect little spot in the fabric! I have a ton of scraps to go through, and like you, many ideas running through my head!

  3. Love your hexies! I’m impressed with your son’s effort! He rocks!!

  4. Queen Mother says:

    I’ve never laughed so much so early in the day!! Shed King says was the Playstation left at home??

    Keep up the work Prince of Rock they’ll make a quilter of you yet!!

  5. I realise I haven’t been around for a while so this is probably a bit late but I love your new look and your Hexie Craziness has reminded me that tI have some red and white hexie craziness that I must finish!!


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