A summer owl snuggle rug…..

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of weeks. This wasn’t because I have been having a break from sewing but is in fact because I haven’t had access to write any posts because of being away working plus visiting my husband’s family in Edinburgh. Time for a catch up……

I received a fabulous package of fabrics from Fabric Rehab a couple of weeks ago which included a piece of the Anna Kell Urban Zoologie owl fabric in the green/blue colour option. I had intended to make some bags with the fabric but the minute Cupcake Princess spotted the owls she wanted them. She really loves owls and turquoise blue is her favourite colour.

I searched through my box of fabrics and found some other fabrics which coordinated with the owls and set to work on making a new snuggle rug for CP She has the flannel snuggle rug I made for her last year but now it’s getting warmer it is a bit too hot for her so a lighter weight one seemed like a good idea.

I could have put together some intricately pieced top but in reality she loves the owls as a strip of fabric and would be just as a happy with a simple pattern. I’m not one to make work myself so simple sounded good to me……let the fabrics do the work rather than me!

I quickly pieced together the top, quilted it and partially attached the binding….before taking it in the car for our long journey to Edinburgh so that I had something to keep me busy for all those hours!

I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the finished quilt until yesterday……I’m really pleased with how it came out. It’s really bright and summery. It also has a sense of being a childs quilt but isn’t childish (if that makes sense).

I really love the owl fabric…..you have to look for the evil looking owls that are dotted about.

Dont you just love those owls!

Cupcake Princess has already started to use the quilt and it came in handy last night when we had a barbeque and it started getting a bit breezy.



  1. That is an awesome quilt, I don’t blame her for loving it. Love the fabrics, even the evil owl!

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