Out with the old….in with the new!

So as one swap comes to an end another one begins. I seem to have got the swap bug suddenly and I’ve signed up for a new one….the Goodie Bag Swap.


For this swap I need to make a bag for my partner and fill it with goodies. As part of entering the swap I had to select a bag level of beginner, intermediate or advanced and having looked at the bags that were used as examples for each level I went for beginner…..I may have made a lot of bags but I haven’ t tried many of the skills of bagmaking.

I made a mosaic of bags that I liked and which I think I could make so my partner could use it as inspiration…..

Pop on over to my flickr site and look the picture up if you want more details on any of the bags – there are links to the original pictures.

When I looked at the mosaic after I posted it I realised that I’ve been drawn to bright fabrics with strong prints. I’ve also been drawn to bags with plenty of room as I’m always carting around a bag full of pens, notepads, phones, ipods etc …I dont do ‘bare essentials’ very well.

I should be receiving the details of my secret partner by the end of the week so the fun will begin shortly – searching through magazines and books for some inspiration. I already have some bags in mind that I have been considering making but I need to see what my partner fancies before making a decision this time.


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