We’re so so lucky…….

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing my Doll Quilt progress with you and you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I sent my quilt off to its new owner. Yesterday my doll quilt arrived from my secret partner…. Smoochee in Queensland, Australia.

The mosaic I put together as inspiration was full of ocean/beach themed pictures and I was looking for something in a turquoise/ sand/orange colour theme.


My partner exceeded all my expectations with the quilt that she made.



A gorgeous turtle.....


A beautiful mermaid

(Yes she does have ‘boobies’ which has led to some giggling from Cupcake princess)

All in all it is just a fabulous ocean quilt……

Originally it was destined to go on a trunk in my living room but I cant risk anyone putting a cup down on it so I need to do a rethink. I do have another problem though….Cupcake Princess wants to rob it for her bedroom!!

Finally I would just like to say a huge thank you to my hugely talented DSQ10 partner….as you can tell we love it!



  1. I like the mermaid most!

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