Giveaway winner……

I’m pleased to announce we have a winner for our Royal Wedding give away….the book ideas that you all came up with were really great. Lots of creativity out there!

Cupcake Princess was given the job of putting together the giveaway draw and she put my lovely winter woolly hat to good use.

Put them all in the hat for a shake...


Secret selection.......

We have a winner!!!!!

So the winner is Annik who had a great idea for a book ‘My crafting book would be called “Skip the Knitting and Sew with Recycled Sweaters Instead.’ I’ve told her I’ve got plenty of old sweaters when she wants to make her book!

Well done Annik and I really hope you enjoy your treats!


  1. Dear Patchwork Queen and Cupcake Princess,

    Your lovely package arrived last Saturday. The Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book is a delight and I absolutely love the Kokka London fabric (brings me back to my college days when I studied in London for 3 months). i can’t wait to get started on my royal wedding set. Where to start? Probably with the new Duchess of Cambridge. Now I just need to figure out how to alter the pattern to add long sleeves to the wedding dress 🙂

    Thank you so very much for the amazing giveaway. While I would have loved to have been in London for the wedding, your package was the next best thing! Best wishes. Annik

    • So glad you liked it! Cant wait to see how you will recreate the Duchess’s amazing dress….wasn’t it beautiful? If someone made the book now it would have to have Pippa Middleton Maid of Honour to stand alongside Prince Harry…maybe that could be your challenge!!!

      Hope you enjoy making your royal wedding projects.

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