A Right Royal Blog Birthday Giveaway…..

Earlier in the week I promised you a giveaway to celebrate one year of the Patchwork Palace blog. Seeing as how I am the Patchwork Queen and my sidekick is the Cupcake princess we felt that we had no choice but to have a Royal themed giveaway. Last week I went to a sewing show at the NEC and I picked some fab items to include in my giveaway:

I couldn’t resist this fabulous Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book. I’m not a knitter myself but there are some amazing things to knit and I’m sure some of you out there would love to have a go.

Maybe you would like a Royal footman……

A corgi or two……

The lovely wedding couple……

Or you could just go the whole hog and make them all!!!

Finally I have also included some Kokka Treffle London themed fabric which you could use to make a bag for your book and family.

So what do you need to do to win this fab prize…..just leave me a comment and tell me what craft book you would make if you had the chance. Please leave your comment by midnight next Thursday (7th April) and I’ll randomly select the lucky winner on Friday.

Good luck!!


  1. OMG firstly that is the coolest book I have ever seen!!! Secondly, it is also my blogaversary today!!! thirdly, I would make a book called “Knitting – something I know nothing about” or “Quilting in a sandstorm” or “Why don’t people use the selvedge?” Fun giveaway!

  2. If I could write a craft book, it would probably be for making bags. I love making bags and would have lots of fun creating some new designs!

  3. Catherine says:

    By ‘make’ I ‘think’ you mean ‘write’ and if so – I would definitely write a book about crafting on a budget OR recycling goods like our grandmothers did, ie: turning old clothes into quilts, double sheets into single, single sheets into pillow cases, pillow cases into rags,

    BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE this give away because I am totally Royal and LOVE William and Kate xxxxxx and I would definitely knit the happy couple for my little little princess

    • I suspected you would be into recycling…I have a whole bag of my husbands old boxer shorts laundered and cut up ready to make him a quilt – is that a bit strange???

      I spotted a Royal Wedding sticker book and stickers today…..do you want me to send some over to you or have you got some there in New Zealand?

      • Catherine says:

        LOL I collect mens shirts from the local Charity Shop – it is my aim to one day make Philosopher a quilt out of them – tee hee hee to boxers that is sweet xxx
        Sorry I only just spotted this message – mental note to self TICK the notify me of follow up comments box in future!
        Just received the stickers and fabric and am still trying to calm myself down – NO we haven’t got anything in NZ – OR – I’m not looking in the right places??

  4. i’d happily knit you a corgi in exchange for some of that London fabric. it is fantastic!!

    if i wrote a craft book, i’d want to write one about how to choose colors and fabrics to find the right interest and balance in a block or a quilt. but i struggle with that so much that i don’t think i’d be fit to write a book.

    • I just think the corgis are so cool…..I’m not a big dog fan but just love these little knitted ones! The London fabric is cool isn’t it…I love the grenadier guards.

  5. I love that fabric and will learn to knit just to make some of the adorable corgis!!! If I could make my own craft book it would either be a solids or selvages book, or something along the lines of the “The Creepiest Crafts ever” where everything would be made out of toilet paper rolls, duct tape, and magazine cutouts!

  6. I think I’d have to write a book called ‘How to quilt in 5 minute intervals amid multiple interruptions without making mistakes’……..that’s of course once I have mastered it myself! I love the fabric, it would make a very funky bag. Juliex

  7. Oh my gosh, I want that book! I don’t knit, but I want to learn, just to make those corgis! I LOVE corgis, they are my favorite- my family had one when I was young, and I am now trying to convince my boyfriend that we should get one 🙂

    I would write a book about pot holders. Maybe they seem simple, but they are the first thing I learned to make (I took a class), and I still love making them. Granted, I am still learning…I consider myself an advanced beginner, but I am getting there, slowly 🙂

  8. What a fun book! I would write a craft all about scarves. There would be knit scarves, crochet, scarves and also quilted ones. I love to have bright bold scarves that make a statement. Too bad I live in SW Florida where we have 4 days of cold weather for the whole year.

  9. I would write on all kinds of cute crafts thats easy to make like knitting a rabbit, amigurumi a bear, sewing a bird, sewing felt pincussions, sewing hats, etc. The fabric is really pretty!

  10. What a great giveaway! I’m madly in love with that Trefle fabric and the book is sooooo cute! My crafting book would be called “Skip the Knitting and Sew with Recycled Sweaters Instead.” LOL.

  11. What a fabulous giveaway. I can knit but I’ve never made anything as small as a corgi!

    I wish I was creative enough to write a book – but if I was I’d like to make one full of cute sorties.

  12. OOPS! That should say softies!

  13. That is the smallest and cutest royal family I’ve ever seen. I’d love to knit every one of the book’s patterns.
    If I were to write a book it would combine my love of knitting with crochet, sewing, felting, and weaving.
    There would be a chapter with projects for each craft.

  14. Oh, the little knitted Royals are wonderful! I don’t knit, but just looking at them is a kick.

    My craft book would probably be a quilt book, or a book of small fabric projects. I am really into those right now. I would love to share a few of the ideas rolling around in my head.

    And it’s only 11:15 Pacific Time! Did I make it?

  15. Anelisse says:

    I would make a craft book on wool felting cause I love them! Congratulations to the Royal Family.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I just have to ask, where did you get that fabric?! I absolutley must buy some…I just got home from the AQS National Quilt show and one of the vendors had a purse made out of it, but they didn’t know where the fabric was from or who designed it. I can’t find any for sale online, and don’t know where else to even look. I’d appreciate the help!

    • Hi! I bought mine from a shop called the Eternal Maker at a show but I cant spot it in their online shop. It’s by Kokka and I have seen it in some online shops…..if I can remember where I saw it I’ll drop you a note.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks very much, I would greatly appreciate it! The only thing that turns up in an online search is on etsy.com but it was already purchased. I contacted the dealer to see if there is more available but haven’t heard back yet. Any help would be great! Love the site!

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