Quilting and some Royal Wedding Fever

Yesterday I finally posted off my DSQ10 quilt to my secret partner. I went with my original idea of the zig zag quilt made from Anna Maria Horners Good Folks fabrics. It seemed to be the most popular and having checked in to my partners likes again I think they would like it best.

The next big dilemma has been what to send as extras with the quilt……some peoples extras are more amazing than their quilts!! Most people seem to think you should send something related to your country so after some thinking I decided that as I live in England and my blog is called Patchwork Palace there was only one choice ….Royal Wedding memorabilia!!

I went into my local Waterstones book store and spotted the William & Kate dress up doll book and I just couldn’t resist it – I know its tacky but I don’t think it should all be taken too seriously. Look at some of the outfits to dress up the dolls…..

I also added a piece of the official William & Catherine wedding fabric plus some British themed stickers.

I really hope my partner likes the extras….it certainly shows something about my country….lets wait and see.

Check back in later in the week for a Royal themed giveaway to celebrate the Patchwork Palace blogs first birthday!



  1. blackwatertown says:

    The dress up dolls are funny, and not even all that tacky.
    But they’re left in the shade by the Chinese-made royal wedding mugs – featuring Kate and HARRY!
    We’re offering them as prizes at out street party.

  2. Catherine says:

    OMG OMG OMG I so need to find WHERE in New Zealand I can get those dress up dolls! A real princess for Princess Tsunami to play with and I NEED that fabric for me!
    I’m seriously thinking of doing a cross stitch – I’m totally a Royalist!! !! !!

  3. Your quilt is lovely and I too would love to purchase those dress up dolls…….my granddaughter would love them…….and likewise I would love the fabric for myself. I am sure your partner will love it…..

  4. that is a great little package! I love the W&K paper dolls!

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