Spring has sprung….in the form of a quilt!

Last week I gave you some sneak peeks of a new quilt that I was working on. As you know I am taking part in the doll quilt swap. I finished the quilt that was my initial idea weeks ago but I’m not convinced my partner is going to like it. I really thought it would be just right when I was working on it but I have had increasing feelings of uncertainty ever since.

A few days ago I had the sudden urge to try making something completely different and see whether it took me to a better place. I used fabrics from Amy Butlers Soul Blossom range  plus coordinating pink plains. I love some of the individual fabrics from the range but upto now hadn’t actually used it to make anything but I thought it would be perfect for a spring quilt. Following a few hours of contemplation and flicking through magazines/books I decided to go for a really scrappy look and made a large wonky log cabin type block. Once pieced I hand quilted it following the outline of the squares in a kind of spiral.

I’m really pleased with how it came out as it has such a bright spring feel about it.

When I added the binding I also attached some of my new Patchwork Queen ribbon to the back – I am more than happy to put my name to the project!

So the big question now is which quilt should I send to my partner…..the zig zag or the soul blossom? Decisions…decisions…..



  1. Lovely quilts as always! I’ve been a bit absent lately – too much going on. I love the colour ways.

  2. kayleighl says:

    Very striking. I like the pink used.

  3. I like this a lot! Great colors and I love them all blended together the way you’ve done it!

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