Confetti & jewels…..

The time has come around again for making my quilting bee blocks. I’m up to date but have my four blocks to make for this month plus planning my blocks for next month so I need to get ahead.

I started by making my Sew Buzzy block for Felicity. Felicity has decided to make Kaffe Fassetts Jewel Squares quilt and asked for a finished block of 12.5 inches which could be made up of one large block or smaller blocks pieced together. I decided to go for the one big block ….. it did require some imaginative fabric cutting though. The fabric we were provided with was from the Spa range by Rosemarie Lavin and I have to say I do like the colours.

The second set of blocks I started work on were for the Fresh & Funky quilting bee. Asquared is making a confetti quilt and provided a mosaic of her favourite confetti style blocks to use as inspiration. She wants a quilt with a white background scattered with a range of fabric scraps – I had some scraps from the What a hoot range to start me off and I added some coordinating fabrics from my own scrap tub.

Asquared wants some small blocks which she can then scatter across the quilt top so that the blocks blend into the background and don’t stand out too much.

I thought I would make some blocks which are heavily covered in fabric scraps which could then be used to add some splashes of colour. I have put together a lay out that I like but still need to adhere the scraps to the back ground and sew around them to attach them….that can wait for tomorrow!


  1. Catherine says:

    Your blocks look fabulous I’m loving the look of the confetti squares and am equally as intrigued to receive instructions for your blocks.

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