Getting stuck into some embroidery…

For the last week we have been working on hand embroidery rather than working at the sewing machine.

Firstly I finished embroidering around the applique of another one of my Aunt Millie’s Garden blocks. You may recall that I fused this block months ago but it seems to have taken forever to blanket stitch around all the pieces…mainly because the surface area of so many pieces added up!

I love the way that blanket stitch raises the applique up and makes it stand out…..

After completing this I started work on preparing for my month in the Sew Buzzy quilting bee. I’ve decided to make a book quilt which includes some embroidery of initials, motifs, book names etc. I’ve asked everyone if they are ok doing a little bit of embroidery – which they are – so I am making some samples for my sample block. I may also post out motifs I have stitched to be incorporated into blocks, just depends how much I can get done before I have to send the packages out to everyone at the end of the month.

I bought two great books called Doodle Stitching and Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection by Aimee Ray. I have taken most of what I have stitched so far from the book but may have a go at some of my own designs aswell.

I have been transferring the designs onto fabric using a disappearing ink pen…which puts the pressure on slightly as I have to remember the lines will disappear after 48 hours!!

I started with some simple motifs and used back stitch to outline them.

Today I have worked on some more complicated motifs but am still just using back stitch, simple straight stitches and french knots.

My favourite motif so far has been a hedgehog. The question is can you guess which book ends I will be using the motifs for?

Cupcake Princess has been very interested in the embroidery I have been doing and this morning started work on her first ever embroidery…

I am so impressed at the completed picture….considering she is 8 and I just helped her with the knots I think it was a great effort.



  1. This all looks like fun! I’m excited!

    • I’m hoping to have a very personal quilt which everyone can add their little bit of creativity to….just need to make a sample block and write up some instructions! Oh, and sort out the growing pile of fabrics that I have been pulling together….might be a night of cutting coming up.

  2. Catherine says:

    So nice to see Cupcake Princess stitching – I can’t wait till Tsunami and I can create together.

  3. Well done Princess!! Nanna is very proud of you, as usual!!

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