Up to date with the quilting bees…

Phew…I have managed to catch up with all my quilting bees and have a few days to spare!!

Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee

Forest Poppy sent us some really bright rainbow coloured fabrics and a topic of trees and leaves. I had seen a block of leaves and stems in one of my Piece O’Cake Designs books – Applique Outside the Lines – and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to have a go at it. I think it came out really well.

Sew Buzzy

I didn’t receive my January fabric until a couple of weeks ago so I had two sets of blocks to do this month.

For January Lauree wanted to make a shot cotton zig zag quilt. We just had to make the basic two tone blocks for her to then sew together into the zig zags. From all the zig zag projects I have worked on recently I know how crucial the piecing of the blocks is so I’m glad we didn’t have to do this as I may have buckled under the precision of it when it’s for someone else! It will be really interesting to see how all the zig zags come together with all the different shades of shot cotton.

For February Eileen wanted string blocks. We were sent some really lovely purple and green fabrics to work from – with a requirement for a one inch green centre strip.

The piecing went well but the cutting didn’t go quite so well. We were meant to be making 10″ square blocks and Eileen had provided the paper for the piecing – unfortunately the paper wasn’t 10″ square! I realised this when doing the cutting and tried to adjust accordingly but somehow managed to miscut the block so the green strip was off centre. I learnt from my mistake and cut the second block more accurately. I felt the need to send Eileen some replacement fabric in case she has to scrap my first block….what a pain, I hate mucking up any of my quilting bee blocks as it is someone elses fabric.

I will post off the blocks tomorrow and wait to see what March has in store on the quilting bee front……



  1. you don’t owe me any fabric, i messed up relying on my paper cutter and not dbl checking my cuts. i love what you did and i’ll make whatever adjustments i need to. i may just have to trim them all to 9.75… thanks can’t wait to see them all.

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