Calendar of Houses Bee Catch Up

Last weekend I made my February block for the Calendar of Houses bee. I needed to make a block for Cat in New Zealand who said that February made her think about love and the fact that her husband proposed to her on Valentines day. Based on this I picked up some love related fabrics….which included some fabulous heart fabric. When the fabric came I laughed because sprinkled all over the fabric are cool cat hearts which was perfect!

My Feb block for Calendar of Houses

I wanted to make it romantic so added little flowers in the garden and around the font door. Hope Cat likes it when it arrives.

I thought it was time I showed you all the blocks I have been receiving from the other members. Each month we make a block using fabric from our own stash and based on pointers our partners give us on what the month makes them think of.

October block

November block

December block

January block

February block

I’ve been thinking about how I will put them together into a quilt. Obviously they are very different in style, colours and fabrics so I need to find a way to bring them together……its hard to think how I will do that but I’m sure I will get some inspiraion eventually.


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