Zig zag doll quilt finished….

A few days ago I shared my practice doll quilt swap quilt with you and showed you the fabrics that I had selected for making the real quilt. I have continued working on it and its finished. Before I show you the finished item I have a couple of ‘in progress’ shots for you.

The fabrics I chose were from Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks range and Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons. Piecing it together was fairly easy although my piecing isn’t as perfect as other people would like – I was ok with it though.

Pieced dusk quilt

To quilt it I looked around at lots of other similar quilts and I saw some with some swirly free motion quilting that I fancied trying out but I didn’t really seem to be able to pull it off when practicing so decided to just follow the zig zags instead.

Beginnings of a quilted top

Today I finished the quilting – I’m not completely happy with it – I found that the zig zags on the shot cottons seemed to stretch and weren’t very even which spoilt the pale blue zig zags a bit.

Finished quilt.

I bound the quilt with the darker shot cotton and added a couple of pieces of ribbon on the back of the quilt in case my partner wants to hang it.

I think my favourite view of the quilt is actually the back! I think the zig zags have come out really well on the back. I have never made a quilt top where the focus is on quilting rather than pieceing but I may have to have a go.

I’m not sure if I will actually use this quilt for the swap. I’m not convinced my partner will like it. I keep stalking my partner and I thought they would like it but now I’m not sure. At least I have this ready in case I don’t get any more inspiration – and to be honest I really love the fabrics and colours so I could find a home for it here!!



  1. This is wonderful! I love Good Folks and that backing fabric is perfect for backing a doll quilt (I actually used it in the pink colorway for my DQS9 quilt!). Lovely all around!

    • Thanks for the kind comment – I have to say I have a real soft spot for the good folks range. Yesterday I went into the local department store where I bought the fabric for this quilt to check they still have plenty left as I think I may need to stash some away for future projects. I used the pink option for my scrappy mug rug….maybe I’m getting obsessed!!

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