New Bags for a New Year

There has been a need for making some new bags for the family.

The first bag was for myself. I happily acquired a new work laptop just before Christmas but sadly it was too big for the laptop bags I already had and due to its size I was struggling to find a reasonably sized bag at the shops.

Last year I bought some fabulous owl fabric – unfortunately I don’t know what it is called or who it was by – my intention was to use it to make some shopping bags but it seemed perfect for my laptop bag. I combined it with some black and white dotty fabric I picked up from Fabric Rehab before Christmas. I added some stiffener between the layers to give it some additional strength and shape. I’m really pleased with the outcome…and having used it for the past couple of weeks I can confirm it is perfect for carrying everything to work on the train.

Owl laptop bag

The owls are so funny some of them have really mean looking faces!!!

The second bag I made today was a new book bag for Cupcake Princess. You may recall I made her a book bag last year using a pattern from Heather Bailey but although she uses it and its perfect for her books she can’t fit her lunch in it. For the last couple of weeks she has been using another bag I made for her last year – the ice cream bag – which her lunch will fit in but it doesn’t have a flap to keep out any rain.

We popped down to Cotton Patch yesterday afternoon and CP chose some brilliant fabrics from Kaffe Fassett to make her bag from. The first one was a pencil fabric and the second one was a coordinating fabric of flowers. CP’s current favourite colour is turquoise so it is perfect for her.

I spent a couple of hours this morning piecing it together. I used the basics of the Heather Bailey bag but scaled it up and added some interior pockets for transporting letters and money for school. I couldn’t find the original pattern but a bit of staring at the original bag made me remember the basics.

It all went really well and I was pleased with the results. I deliberately made the strap a bit longer than necessary so the bag would fit well when worn over the top of her big winter coat – she hates feeling constricted by bags that are too tight when worn across the body.

I really love the colours….they’re so vibrant. There will be no problem finding the bag in the cloakroom.

Close up of the booky bag.

Cupcake Princess really likes it and she has packed it up this evening ready for taking to school in the morning.

Proud of her pencil booky bag

I have to share the photo below aswell….CP came outside wearing her daddy’s slippers and they looked so hilarious in the pictures – talk about Big Foot!


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