Catching up with the quilting bees……

This afternoon I have been busy packaging up some of my quilting bee blocks. With everything that has been going on over the past few weeks – work, Christmas, colds etc – I have been neglecting my bees but now I’m catching up again and have no ‘late’ blocks left.

Sew Buzzy – November

We received our fabric for the November block very late from Illy23 but as December was a rest month the intention was to complete it in December – I finished it this week!!!

We were given a pattern called Holy Snowballs and a packet of Modern Meadow from Joel Dewberry. We had rather a lot of snowballs to make – 16 blocks. I made all the blocks but didn’t piece them together into the square as per the pattern as I was a bit concerned about some intricate piecing required in the middle. Most people in the group have just made the blocks as there were so many to make – far more than outlined in the group rules so I don’t feel too guilty.

Holy Snowballs! block

I really like the way it has come out and I may try making this with some of my own fabrics (when I’ve finished off some of my other projects).

Calendar of Houses Bee – December

You may recall I am in the Calendar of Houses Bee where I make a house block every month for another member of the group using fabrics from my own stash. My December block was for Jodi in the USA who I am a bit intimidated by as she always makes such fantastic blocks. After reading her December inspiration words and exchanging mails I went for a brightly coloured Christmas themed block.

Calendar of Houses block

I hand appliqued all the pieces in place which I think makes it have that handmade Christmas feel. I used some frosty fabric for the snow covered floor so there was a bit of wintery sparkle about.

Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee – January

To bring myself right up to date I have worked on the first of my January blocks. We were given some lovely green and blue fabrics and asked to make some square in square blocks. The inspiration gallery provided by Dixie Chicken ranged from very simple square in square to scrappy and offset blocks.

I enjoyed this project as a New Year starter as it was more about the fabric combining than the piecing….I tried to do some fussy cutting to get some inspirational words into the blocks. I’m not a big fan of fabric with words but by keeping its use to a minimum I was happy with what I incorporated (although it wont be my quilt so I’m not sure why I found it so hard to use!!).

Square in square blocks

If you want to see what other members of the group have made check the groups out following the group links in my side bar. Calendar of Houses Bee is a closed group so there is no link for it but later in the week I will post all the fab blocks I have received so far.



  1. um…16??? Sure, snowballs are simple blocks and all, but 16?!? (You’re a better person than I… I wouldn’t have done it)

    great blocks… I laughed when I went back and looked through the F&F blocks and noticed our similar trends. 🙂

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