New Year Catch Up 3

Before Christmas I was in another swap….the St.Nicholas Swap. The idea for this swap was to make a small gift for a fellow sewer. You may recall I made a mug rug, canister wrapper and some decorations for NikiBlueEyes. Niki wrote to me to tell me how much she loved her little package which I was really pleased about as you never know whether other people will appreciate your crafting!

I received a package from DaveandSusi which contained some beautiful little Christmas themed houses. I really love the little embellishments that she made…they added some individuality.

Front of the little houses.....

I love the bakery window it is just so cute.

Back of the houses......

 Even the back of the houses are cute. Susi must have put a lot of work in stitching these for me and I really appreciate it.

I also received some delicious chocolate (which is all eaten up) and an owl postcard which Cupcake Princess appears to have squirreled away somewhere as she liked it so much.

If you want to check out the other items people made/received check the group out on Flickr:

I’m looking forward to taking part in some more swaps this year as it is great to take part in a group activity and meet other sewers……..of course it is also great to get a parcel to open up at the end!!



  1. ‘Stylish Blogger Award’

    I recently received the above award, which made me feel fantastic. Part of the package entails spreading the Blog Love onto your favourite bloggers & that is YOU…Thank you for sharing all of your patchwork genius with us all!!


  2. Sounds like you had a great new year! I look forward to seeing what projects you do this year :).

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