3 sewing days to go……

My goodness time is flying by fast…..still lots of sewing to get finished. I have been doing the sewing but because of the snowy weather I have been slow in taking the photos of my completed projects.

I ventured outside this afternoon to get a picture of the place mats I’ve been making for Christmas. I’m really pleased with how they have come out. I went for a very simple design which focused on the lovely Christmasy fabric rather than fancy stitching etc. The fabric I used is from a range called Poinsettias & Holly by Martha Negley for Rowan.

What do you think?

Christmas mats hanging on the line

Close up of the lovely Christmas mats

The kids have been busy finding excuses to go out in the snow….the latest of which was clearing the end of the drive so daddy could get his car out. I think there was more snow on them than the drive by the time they had finished!!

Snow is heavier than expected......

Brush the drive not your sister!!!!



  1. Great mats for the holidays!

  2. Hello! I’m visiting your lovely blog first time! You make so much wonderful patchworks and with beautiful fabrics! See you soon again!
    Happy New Year from Crete! Teje

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