6 days to go (and nearly snowed in)!!!

Goodness, what a day. We woke up to a fresh covering of snow this morning. There wasn’t that much but it was a covering. Like most people I had quite a few jobs to do at the shops so we trekked off to catch the bus into town. It was still snowing but as there wasn’t even any forecast for us I wasn’t too stressed.


3 hours later we had pottered around the shops, had lunch with a friend and picked up some food for the weekend…but that was where the fun started. Whilst we had been in the shopping centre it had snowed continually and the buses had all been cancelled!! I eventually managed to get a taxi driver to get us near to our house and we just had the last bit to walk.

Phew....nearly home!

We did make our way out to the garden when we got home so that we could finally get some snaps of our kids Christmas stockings…..Cupcake loved being able to trudge around in all the snow!

My little helper......


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