13 more sewing days to go…

I have had a terrible thought today…only 13 more days of sewing left (after today) until Christmas. I still have so many unfinished gifts to work through and some I haven’t even started!

I’ve tried to get my head into gear and get on with working through my list of projects. Here is what I know I have to make so far:

6 stockings

1 quilt for my mum to give as a gift

1 bag for my mum friend

1 fabric game board for my nephew

1 wall hanging for my niece

2 book bags for friends

6  place mats and coasters

The good news is I have started work on the stockings and 1 is finished:

Traditionally coloured stocking

I have also finished quilting the Russian doll wall hanging for my niece. It is quilted and bound…..the only thing I may do is embroider her name on.

Hopefully I will have more finished projects to show you tomorrow.


  1. okay I am totally in love with this!
    thank you so much for my gift xxx

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