We’ve reached the North Pole!

Hurray! After a year I have finally finished my Welcome to the North Pole wall hanging. I made the wall hanging using blocks from Piece O’Cake designs Welcome to the North Pole pattern book.

I have really enjoyed this pattern but due to all the applique needed it did take a long time….and I have had some very sore fingers.

I’m so pleased with how it came out….I really hope that people think my final embellishments have enhanced the wall hanging…I went for a bit of bling!!!

Welcome to the North Pole!!!

 I added some quilting and small beads to the snow to try and give it the sparkly look of snow drifts at night. Unfortunately its hard to capture it in a picture but you do get a little twinkle from the beads.

Santas house and the candy shop


The skating shop

Some Christmas magic......



  1. It’s beautiful!!

  2. Just gorgeous. I love the beadwork – I know how they can make things shine in real life.

  3. Queen Mother says:

    Fantastic!! I’m looking forward to seeing it at Xmas!! I have such a talented daughter, did it rub off me? I think not!!

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