Share your projects or get some inspiration…

I currently administer three groups on flickr which I thought I would share with my blogging friends:

Christmas Tree Skirts –

Currently we have 49 photos of some fantastic Christmas Tree Skirts. Take a look and you’ll see how many of them are really amazing. If you’re thinking of making a tree skirt and need some inspiration pop along and take a look. Maybe you’ve already made one and would like to share your photos with us. We also have some discussions where we are looking for any good online patterns or tutorials….maybe you have one to share.

Quilting Bee Creations –

Currently we have 76 photos of quilts made by members of virtual quilting bees. I am truly amazed by the creativeness of people. It is so inspiring to see how these quilting bee quilts come out in the end. I am in a couple of quilting bees and I was looking for somewhere where I could look at finished quilts that the bees have made. Come along and take a look or post any photos you might have of your own quilting bee quilts.

In the style of Nancy Halvorsen –

Many of you will have spotted me making projects from patterns by Nancy Halvorsen. This group is for sharing pictures of your Nancy Halvorsen projects. At the moment we are getting posts of lots of fabulous Christmas applique projects. Take a look if you are looking for some Christmas inspiration.


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