Clearing out the working area ready for Xmas projects….

At the moment my living room looks more like a fabric store! I always have some of my projects to hand to work on in the evenings but they seem to have taken over in the last couple of weeks since I got my Christmas project box out. I’ve decided to put my non Christmas projects away in my sewing cupboard for the time being but first I thought I’d try to get some work done on finishing the piecing of some projects.

Last night and this morning I pieced together all the houses and ladies for my The ‘ Burbs quilt from Material Obsession. You can still see all of Cupcake Princess’s names pinned to the blocks….I’m thinking of embroidering all their names on.


Laid out ready to piece


The piecing was fairly easy although I started to run out of the background fabric which was a little stressful.


Piecing started


I didn’t manage to finish it last night because we had a powercut! There are a lot of things I can work around but a lack of power is not one of them. I got up early this morning and finished putting it together.

I nipped out to the garden and tried to get some pictures of the quilt top but it was a bit difficult as it is so big. Hopefully you can see what it looks like even if the pictures aren’t great. I’ll try to get some better pictures tomorrow when my family are back from a trip and can help with holding up the quilt.


All pieced together


Close up


The next step will be to add lots of flower embellishments, paths, names and quilting but it may have to wait until after Christmas.


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